Годишна конференция на Българска асоциация на преподавателите по английски език (BETA-IATEFL)

Очаквайте тазгодишната конференция от 22 до 25 юни 2017 във Варна.

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Не пропускайте презентациите на нашия гост от Полша  - Grzegorz Śpiewak!

Teaching English to Teenagers - with their Brain in Mind

Foreign language learning happens in the learner’s brain – where else? But if so, shouldn’t we as teachers know much more about how the brain actually learns a language? This is where this practical session comes in. I will show you how to really engage teenage brains, raise their curiosity for language, appeal to their emotions, and above all get them to remember a lot more of what we’ve taught.

A Gateway to Speaking Success

Speaking in a foreign language is no doubt the greatest possible challenge. How can we help our teenage students with this, even when their linguistic resources are limited,  and develop the crucial I-can attitude? This is where this session comes in. We’ll try out a variety of fresh, motivating speaking exercises, with an eye to devising an effective teaching programme for exam purposes and for language use beyond the classroom.

Speaker Bio

Grzegorz Śpiewak, Ph.D.

A graduate of University of Essex, UK (MA in Linguistics), and  University of Warsaw (Ph.D in English & Linguistics). Teacher of English, consultant, project manager, teacher trainer, acclaimed conference speaker, author. Former academic lecturer and deputy director for English Teaching & CLIL at the Department of English of Warsaw University.

Currently affiliated with Macmillan Education (Head ELT Consultant for Central & Eastern Europe, key teacher trainer),

as well as with The New School, New York (tutor on MA TESOL on-line programme), DOS-ELTea – an independent teacher development centre (founder & president), and deDOMO Education (project leader and head author). An Honorary President and advisory board member of IATEFL Poland.

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